What to Look For in Golf Clubs

Golf is an ever-changing sport, and a lot of equipment has to change with it. Even though some clubs may have the same name, they are vastly different. Every golf club varies in their weight, shaft length, weight of the head, grip width, shaft height, shaft length, grip angle, curvature, offset and even shape. This article will give you a brief overview of all of the different golf club clubs.

First golfclubs

Hole and Club The first golf club is the hole club. This club consists of a driver, an iron and a putter. A driver is made for big hitting shots, while the iron is used for distance, making the round a bit shorter. Putters tend to be used more for accuracy and less for speed and distance. Golf Club names are generally based on their course of play. For example, if the player is aiming to hit a ball over a tree in a sand trap, then he is going to use a longer iron, than if he was aiming to hit a ball into a water hazard. When choosing your golf clubs, do take these factors into consideration.

As mentioned above, the golf club names differ depending on the purpose that the golfer intends to perform. For example, a driver is used for big hitting shots over the green. It is usually longer than an iron and therefore have a thicker shaft, with thinner heads, and a thinner grip than the iron. You have to note, if you are playing a draw stroke, then an iron club is most likely going to be your best choice. There are a few advantages when playing with a draw stroke; you don’t have to swing as hard, and can hit more balls. However, with a draw stroke, your club will end up farther down the fairway than you intended. In other words, try and hit a ball into the hole rather than a wall. Golf Fit A golf fit is basically a way to measure your ability to swing. There are many methods that may help you measure your golf fit. You will need to fit a simulator to your body to see what your physical skills are, before you go to the golf course.